Plant Epigenetics

Seedlings are masters of epigenetic control. We can demonstrate that eukaryotes are the home of the majority of the main epigenetic mechanisms. DNA methylation takes place in plant genomes because of CG, CHG, and CHH sequence contexts, and the patterns that result from this reflect equilibrium between the activities of the enzymes that instal, maintain, and remove methylation. Similar to other eukaryotes, plants also include histone-modifying enzymes that affect epigenetic states. These enzymes are encoded by fairly vast gene families, allowing for both overlapping and diverse roles. To fight viruses, control transposons, direct development, and assist with genome organisation, RNA-mediated gene silencing is performed utilising a number of unique methods. Because of the interaction between DNA methylation, histone modification, and noncoding RNAs, plants have a multi-layered and robust epigenetic circuitry.

  • Crop epigenetics
  • DNA Coding
  • Mitochondrial DNA

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