Epigenetic Therapy

The administration of using medications or other methods that have an impact on the epigenome to treat medical complications is referred to as epigenetic hospital treatment. Epigenetic pathways have an impact on a number of diseases, such as diabetes, cancer, cardiopathy, and mental problems. Epigenetic medical intervention may be another direct way to change such circuits. Epigenetic therapy may both eliminate cancer cells that have evolved in response to treatments and stop the spread of malignant cells at their root. On the other hand, because some epigenetic effects may be reversible, many scientists have turned their attention to epigenetic medical support. Epigenetic pathways play a role in the development of numerous diseases, such as cancer, cardiopathy, diabetes, and mental depression. Epigenetic therapeutic procedure may be another method for causing such circuits to fire.

  • DNA methylation
  • Modifications to chromatin structure
  • Loss of imprinting

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